The Government of Chile presented the first National Security Strategy and Defense


President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, and Minister of National Defence, Andres Allamand, presented on Thursday 28 June the first National Security Strategy and Defence (ENSYD) of Chile.

The unpublished document, which aims to guide and coordinate the activities of the various agencies and public institutions to deal with situations involving national security and defense, sets the interests of Chile in this area and defines the necessary military capabilities to address threats that internally and externally could affect national development for the period 2012-2024.

The ENSYD is based on the concept of “enhanced security”, which means covering events such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking, organized crime and piracy threats that transcend the traditional field of defense such as the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity. To be comprehensive, and coordinated joint responses need internally and externally, in the latter case through international cooperation.

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