The IEA sees rapid growth of renewables in the next five years


The report says that despite the economic uncertainty in most countries, the overall energy generation from sources such as hydro, solar, wind and other is expected to increase about 40% to nearly 6,400 TWh.

The study released last July 5 marks the first time the IEA has devoted a half-term report on renewable energy sources, a recognition of the dynamic and growing role in global energy mix. The study examines in detail 15 key markets for renewables currently represent about 80% of the renewable production, identifying and characterizing the progress to be made in other major markets.

Generating renewable energy will grow significantly from OECD countries to non-OECD new markets, accounting for two thirds of this growth. Of the 710 GW of new capacity of global electricity from renewable sources expected, China accounts for almost 40%. Also expected a significant deployment in the U.S., India, Germany and Brazil.

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