NATO Codification. FAQ

- Who is required to catalog an item?
The contractor / supplier of the Ministry of Defense whenever the contract include Cataloguing Clause.
- I am the contractor / supplier, do I have to wait for delivery to start cataloging?
Definitively no. You should start the process as soon as possible in order to avoid delays in the invoice processing. From the moment of the award of the contract / requisition, you can begin the process of cataloging the items with sufficient documentation. The earlier you start, the earlier you have your invoice accepted.
- In order to present my invoice, is necesary that all the items have their NSN (NATO Stock Number)?
No, you do not need to have their NSN assigned. You must have submitted the necessary documentation and the proposal have to be iniciated by an authorized company as a.l.i.. The NCB (NATO Codification Bureau), through the cataloging department assigned for your contract / order, shall evidence by a certificate the fulfillment of the Cataloguing Clause. When you have this certificate you can present your invoice.”

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