Renewable Energy – Our Services

O & M (Operation & Maintenance) evaluation. We will analyze your needs, we will propose you alternative ways to solve any problem and we will show you options that will provide improved reliability for your installation and lower costs of operation and maintenance.

Industrial inventory. It is required as a starting point of any maintenance plan. This list must be a complete inventory of facilities that permit linking maintenance actuations, history of failures of each element, spare parts, technical documentation, associated budgets, and more.

Lifecycle support. Throughout the life of a facility, the maintenance system must be updated, the required inspections and design reviews must be performed and the necessary retrofitting at the right time has to be effected. Our technicians are trained to advice, design and monitor all these processes.

Supplies / stock management. We analyze your specific case and then, we will propose appropriate solutions. We will identify every equipment, all its parts, locate alternative suppliers and help you to define and to manage your stock in order to make it more operational in each condition.

Maintenance consultancy. At any time we can look for technical solutions adapted to the questions regarded to maintenance. With the approval of our customers, we study the applicability of the best options to solve every new challenge.

Contact us, tell us about you and your facilities, resources and objectives, and, find out the way we can help you improving your results account.